Grounded believes that landscape architecture is the marriage between architecture and nature. We create landscapes that are visually stimulating and highly functional. Our design style is modern, using bold forms, repetition, geometry and contrast to create strong visual connections between the landscape and architecture. A less-is-more approach makes every element more important and heightens your perception of space, color and movement. 

Environmentally sensitive landscapes are essential in Southern California. Drought-tolerant plant materials, water zones, thoughtful use of materials and planning create spaces that look organized and timeless, yet establish an appropriate balance with nature.

Richard Risner

Richard Risner, ASLA

Principal Landscape Architect


     California license: 4808

     Arizona license: 39140



p: 760-518-7106         f: 760-230-1835


ASLA - American Society of Landscape Architects

President, California Council of the ASLA 2018-19

California Council of the ASLA representative 2017-18

President, San Diego Chapter ASLA 2016


Licensed in both California and Arizona, Richard has over 30 years of public and private sector experience providing professional services in all aspects of landscape architecture project development.

Richard has direct experience working with a variety of public agencies such as the Federal Government, National Parks, Bureau of Land Management, US Army Corps of Engineers, California State Parks, CalTrans, California Coastal Commission, California Dept of Fish and Game, California Dept of General Services, California Dept of Water Resources, and various local City Planning and Engineering Departments.

Richard's vast experience as a project facilitator includes all aspects of project scoping, urban planning, private residential, resort design, retail, industrial/business parks, commercial, university campus planning, master planned communities, sub-division planning, multi-phase housing development design, street-scape plans, construction observation and public meetings. Project facilitator responsible for and personally involved with all aspects of project realization from inception through construction for operational and visitor facilities within the California State Park system; which includes State natural preserves, State natural reserves, State beaches, State historic parks and CEQA's environmental documentation support.

Extensive landscape construction documentation preparation including planting plans, irrigation plans, hardscape dimensioning and layout plans, details, cost estimations, specifications, slope/site grading plans, redline plan corrections, plan city, state and community parks, construction administration, client meetings, project scoping. Preparation of graphic presentations or conceptual landscape plans for client meetings, city-local agency meetings, community involvement meetings. Submit plans for permit and/or agency review/approvals.


Bachelors of Art, Environmental Design

San Diego State University


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